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No Excuses Coffee Blend

Is there anything more woven into the fabric of endurance culture than coffee?

Routine, fuel, warmth, comfort and performance all in one - or many! - magical cups. We've worked with a local roaster to deliver a killer blend to match the quality you've come to expect from our gels, and we're excited to now share it with all of you. 

Spill the beans:

  • Premium beans. Medium Roast.
  • We've tested this with pour-over, AeroPress, drip and espresso. This blend is a workhorse!
  • Rich and very aromatic. Caramel and chocolate notes.
  • Fairtrade certified beans from Peru, Ethiopia and Guatemala to make every sip just that much better.
  • Omni-degradable packaging (just cut-out the valve before disposing)
  • 340g

And, how does this pair with a pouch of Tap? A-MA-zing!