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Classic Energy Gel (Bulk Bottle)

Whoa! 31 servings of our Classic Energy Gel in one fully recyclable bottle! For the price of 26 servings (15% off)?!

This is our favourite way to fuel, and here’s why:

  • Pour up to 5 servings of Endurance Tap into this one reusable flask. Simple.
  • Pour as many servings as you need into a water bottle and add some water. Fuel and hydration in one!
  • No waste (to store in your pockets, or add to the landfill)
  • Because we are the best digesting gel out there, you can consume more calories of Tap than you would normally. So, use the flask to take 1.5 or more servings at a time to keep your energy gels at their peak.
  • No chance of empty pouches leaking on your shorts or kit.

- If you'd like to order our game changing 150ML reusable soft flask to conveniently take up to 5 servings of Tap with you (and all the other benefits), you can find that here

- Optional free shot glass when you order to measure out your liquid gold. These are perfect for indoor training (treadmill, bike trainer, etc.). Line them up and shoot them down to power your workouts with no waste.

Key Benefits of Endurance Tap Energy Gel:

  • 100 calories, derived from natural, high-quality ingredients (Canadian maple syrup, Canadian sea salt and ginger).
  • Easiest gel to digest given our proprietary formula that contains just the right amount of ginger to help aid digestion and prevent stomach upset
  • A thinner consistency than normal gels, you can consume a full pouch in seconds with no water so you can focus on moving forward.
  • 50 mg of sodium + all the minerals and antioxidants you need to perform at your best
  • A more even energy release so you can avoid the blood sugar spikes experienced with maltodextrin-based gels