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A Place for Passionate Endurance Athletes

You put your heart into everything you do and strive to be the best athlete you can be. So do we. Our brand was born from the desire to fuel our athletic pursuits with real food and simple ingredients, while not compromising on performance. 

Our community is strong and growing. We know we’re more than a nutrition brand; we’re a family of athletes who lift each other up and share our pursuit of the sports we love with the world, while doing everything we can to reduce our collective impact on the planet while we train and race.

We love partnering with athletes who embrace their community and believe in our motto "Fuel Simply". So, we created Team Tap. 

While we already selected the team for 2022, we think it's a shame for folks to have to wait to join in 2023 when they're excited to join NOW. So, for the first time, we're going to keep registration open throughout the year.

We review applications monthly, at month end. We strive to notify folks who have been accepted within two weeks of reviewing the application.

Team Tap Leadership

In the spirit of 'by the community, for the community', for 2022 we've added more horsepower to the leadership team so we can hear more and do more with you throughout the year. We're excited to welcome Amanda and Shailyn (two long-time Team Tap members) to work with Pat & Matt to blow this thing out of the water in 2022!