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Here are answers to the questions we hear most often from athletes. If you have any questions that aren't answered here and want to learn more, just reach out to us at support@endurancetap.com!

Why do I need gels?

When exercises last more than 80 minutes, carbohydrate stores are depleted. Gels provide a source of carbohydrates your body needs to continue performing at a high level. Gels also provide glycogen, which has been linked to better performance.

How often do I need to take gels while training and racing?

If you’re new to gels, we recommend taking 1 Endurance Tap every 30-45 minutes during endurance sport. Once you become comfortable, you can practice ingesting fuel more regularly during sport. Eventually you’ll be able to increase your intake to 1 Endurance Tap every 20 minutes. For more dietician approved advice on fueling during sport, click here.

Should I take Endurance Tap before a workout or race?

Taking a Tap before your workout is a great way to kick-start your fuel plan. If you skipped breakfast or its been hours since you ate, this is a great boost to get back on track. For more tips on fueling before a workout or race, check out this.

Do I get everything I need with just 3 ingredients?

In short, yes! Our gel products are intentionally simple because the body only needs a few things for endurance. The carbohydrates and some electrolytes come from the maple syrup. The sea salt is added to bring the sodium (another electrolyte) up to the necessary level.

Is there more sugar in Endurance Tap than other gels?

If you look at a competitor’s label and see less sugar, it’s because they use low-cost, processed ingredients like maltodextrin, which is pure glucose, but oddly doesn’t count towards sugar totals. But don’t let sugars scare you – they’re the simplest calories to digest and the easiest way to get the necessary carbohydrates for endurance.

What does the gel taste like and how is the texture?

Endurance Tap tastes like maple syrup with a hint of salt and ginger because, well, that’s exactly what it is. The texture isn’t as thick as other gels, which means it’s easier to ingest and the flavour leaves your mouth immediately. You won’t need to chase it with water either, which can be really handy during a race.

What is the advantage of using a gel with caffeine?

Caffeine has been shown by experts smarter than us to increase endurance performance by up to 3%! With consistent training, that can be the difference between hitting a PB, scoring a BQ, or breaking a world record! For more information on the benefits of caffeine, check this out.

How should I use your caffeinated and non-caffeinated gels together?

Our caffeinated gel contains as much caffeine as ⅓ to a full a cup of coffee, depending on your preferred coffee source. We recommend alternating between caffeinated and regular, but how you do that depends on your tolerance for caffeine. As with anything, it’s important to practice during training to see what works best for you.

How is Endurance Tap different than other gels?

For starters, it tastes good! We only use 3 natural ingredients and each one serves a purpose. Other gels have dozens of ingredients with no benefits. We’re also easier to digest than other gels, which allows athletes to consume more per hour and get the most from their performance. Being a thinner gel also means no need to chase it with water – it goes down in under 5 seconds!

Could I add Endurance Tap to my water bottle or gel flask?

Absolutely! Maple syrup is very water soluble (another reason why it’s so great for digestion) so you can easily add over 10 gels to a standard 500ML water bottle. You can also squeeze a few gels into a bottle, add water, and now you have your electrolytes and calories in one drink!

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