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Our Values

Our business choices are evaluated against the following principles:

Quality:with nutritious, purpose-built fuel, an athlete can achieve their best performance.

Simplicity:the best solution is often the simplest. Whether it’s ingredients, packaging or otherwise, we aim to find the simplest path forward. 

Conscious:we want to be deliberate in our business choices, relentlessly re-evaluating our products to perform better and reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Story

We’re Pat and Matt, the co-founders of Endurance Tap. We founded Endurance Tap in 2014 to solve a need in sports nutrition; create an energy gel made out of real food ingredients. As amateur endurance athletes trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it made no sense to use energy gels that were essentially “junk food”. 

A few months and many experiments later, we launched our salted maple energy gel. Our goal: to create the best energy gel on the market. We think we nailed it. Our maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger gel worked better than our processed competitors:

- Better digestion

- Easier to consume (a thin syrup, no water chaser needed)

- More even energy release

- And it tastes amazing, with no flavour fatigue!

We built a mighty fan base from the get go, and we’ve been growing steadily since.

As we grew, we grappled with our environmental impact. With every gel we sold, we were adding more plastic to the environmental crisis. The thought that training and racing could also be detrimental to the environment did not sit well with us. 

We're just getting started

This is a process. But as endurance athletes, steady incremental improvements are what we do best. And we don't give up. We hope our story aligns with your choices and together we can have both a direct and inspiration change.