Let’s talk ingredients. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list of a typical energy gel? If you haven't let us help you out, there are too many ingredients and half of them are difficult to pronounce. Where’s the real food? As an athlete, you’re training and eating well to maximize performance, yet the gels you're being offered are effectively junk food.
We wanted to change this. Each pouch of Endurance Tap delivers 100 calories of the highest quality nutrition for endurance athletes with just three simple ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt and ginger. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t, it's real food. 

Why maple syrup? We didn't use maple syrup as our main ingredient just because we’re Canadian, it just happened to work out that way.


Interestingly, the calories per gram and minerals for electrolytes naturally present in maple syrup are nearly identical to other gels on the market. The naturally occurring nutritional and performance benefits present in maple syrup means you can now consume real, whole foods while you train, no more unpronounceable ingredients! We add a sea salt to the mix to bring the sodium levels up to 50mg (what you’ll find in a typical gel) and most importantly, we add a touch of ginger to further help with digestion.

Endurance Tap Competitor Comparison Chart


Many endurance athletes (from what we’ve seen, close to half!) have trouble digesting traditional gels. We believe that many digestion issues happen for two reasons: low quality ingredients like maltodextrin and brown rice syrup; and viscosity - many gels are so thick they sit like a brick in the stomach.
Because Endurance Tap contains only natural ingredients (three of them), is a thinner consistency (it's a syrup) and contains ginger (a digestive aid) it digests well even on the hottest of days and during the most intense workouts. Athletes with sensitive stomachs have found a solution in the digestibility (and great taste) of Endurance Tap.
Can we talk about the taste?! In addition to digestion issues, a lot of athletes can’t stand the taste and texture of gels. To put it simply, they’re thick and pretty gross. The flavour stays in the mouth for a long time, leading to quick “flavour fatigue”.


Endurance Tap is highly water-soluble, meaning it’s salty-sweet flavour leaves your mouth quickly. You don’t even need to wash it down with water (impossible with other gels). Canadian maple syrup is known around the world as the best tasting, we think the same of Endurance Tap.

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