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Our Story

Unapologetically Canadian, Endurance tap is on a mission to provide endurance athletes with a natural, great-tasting fueling solution. Founded in early 2014 by Matt and Pat, two friends passionate about sports and nutrition, Endurance Tap was born out necessity. The market lacked REAL natural fueling options that not only tasted great, but contained REAL food - not mystery ingredients and Matt and Pat were determined to create one. When it came to ingredients these good Canadian boys turned to the country’s number one export - maple syrup.

After months of experimentation with recipes in Matt's kitchen, Matt and Pat simplified their formula down to the absolute minimum number of ingredients needed to maintain performance: three. Made of proprietary ginger, Canadian maple syrup and sea salt, Endurance Tap is enjoyed by athletes around the globe. Whether they run, ride or climb Endurance Tap lovers are athletes that look for natural, REAL FOOD as their fuel source, athletes tired of sugar spikes and stomach upset. As the Endurance Tap market continues to grow from continent to continent, Matt and Pat remain true to the message they created when they began the company: remain true to ourselves, true to the ingredients, and true to our customers - it's the Canadian way!