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August 12, 2017 1 min read

Jessie Zapo is the founder and coach of Girls Run NYC, a women's running collective in New York City. Girls Run NYC is centered around empowering women through community and sport while providing a foundation for sustainability in distance running through track based training.  She began marathoning as an adult after approaching distance running with the New York City Bridgerunners in 2005.  She also co-founded a members only running group the Black Roses in 2012 with a focus on training adult runners (both new and experienced) for goal races from one mile to ultra-marathons. Jessie has raced distances from 100 meters to 50k.  She is currently also a global ambassador for Adidas Women. Jessie is an Art Therapist with youth and young adults and enjoys cycling, painting and photography when she's not running. Jessie lives in Brooklyn. 

Instagram: @jessiezapo

Where I Tap: Brooklyn + New York City

How I TapTraining for endurance running events! currently Berlin and NYC Marathons

Proudest Athletic Achievement:  Running and completing the Delaware Water Gap Fatass 50K