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April 14, 2018 1 min read

Have you ever eaten ketchup straight from the bottle during a race? Have you ever missed a race cut off by 6 seconds? This guy has! We are proud to sponsor one Canada's top ultra runners Gary Robbins. Gary entered the ultra scene back in 2004 and is now a 3-time  Barkley Marathons racer. He has also competed in Nolans 14, HURT 100 in Hawaii and is the fastest person on Mount Rainier's Wonderland trail. I guess you could say he occasionally runs over a mountain or two! Gary currently lives in North Vancouver with his wife Linda and son Reed. 

Instagram: @garyrobbins

Where I Tap: North Vancouver and competing internationally

How I Tap: Ultra marathon training and racing involving insanely challenging distances (100 miles)  and elevations (20, 000-60,000ft)