• Christie VanHooren

    Christie VanHooren

Instagram: @misschristielynnn

Where I Tap: London, ON

How I Tap: Long distance running, ultra marathon, trail running

Proudest Athletic Accomplishment: I am proud of my mental toughness and my ability to smile from the start line to the finish line even after 50k. After deeper reflection, I think I am most proud of my very first 5k. On a whim, I signed up as a personal challenge - I didn't tell many people I was running because I was nearly 300lbs and didn't want to deal with the naysayers and critical remarks. So I just went out and did it. I was wearing a pair of old runners and was so heavy I can still remember what almost every step felt like on my feet. But I didn't stop. That race has carried me through every single challenging run to date.