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Rip City Run for the Roses

May 16, 2019

Rip City Run for the Roses

Team Tap Ambassador Pamela and her friends have been going on an annual trip to Portland, Oregon for the last 4-years. They go to have fun, and enjoy the city, but also to run the Rip City Race for the Roses. A race that raises funds for mental health, a cause that is dear to everyone in the group. Plus, the race has unlimited mimosas at the finish.

Here’s what the ladies had to say about their running backgrounds and why this is a special weekend for them.

How long have you been running?

Pamela: 12 years.

Rhonda: Since I was a teenager.

Linda: 15 years.

Kimberly: 3 years.

Chrissi: Off and on for a few years.

Catherine: I don’t run regularly, I play soccer.

Jodi: 3 years.

Jeannette: 16 years.

Sandi: On and off since 1988.

Why did you start running?

Pamela: To lose weight.

Rhonda: A friend wanted me to join her.

Linda: Weight loss.

Kimberly: I was 41 with a four month old baby, I wanted to keep healthy for him. Then I fell in love with it and the friends I made and now can't stop.

Catherine: Fitness.

Jodi: Pamela encouraged me to start!

Jeannette: Because I got an active puppy.

Sandi: To participate in fundraising with friends.

How many years have you done Run for the Roses?

Pamela: This was my fourth year.

Rhonda: This was my third year.

Linda: This was my first!

Kimberly: This was my first!

Chrissi: This was my first!

Catherine: This was my second time.

Jodi: This was my second time.

Jeannette: This was my fourth year.

Sandi: This was my first!

What is your favourite part about the weekend?

Pamela: Love this run and hanging with the girls.

Rhonda: The huge buckets full of roses and all the wonderful volunteers who make race day a great experience.

Linda: Time with friends.

Kimberly: Discovering Portland, having fun with friends, running the race.

Chrissi: All of it!

Catherine: Friends, Fun, the cause / charity ... Portland is great!! Breweries.

Jodi: Every part of spending time with the ladies.

Jeannette: Hanging out with the ladies.

Sandi: Portland, fundraising and mimosas!

Why is this charity important to you?

Pamela: I believe mental health is an important issue and has affected so many of us or our family members in one way or another.

Rhonda: I love that all the proceeds go to helping people in the area.

Linda: It hits close to home.

Kimberly: Mental health affects every family.

Chrissi: We need more mental health awareness and support!

Catherine: I have a son with mental health issues.

Jodi: We are raising money for those in need.

Jeannette: I’m always up for supporting mental health.

Sandi: It’s important to help youth.

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