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May 27, 2021 2 min read


It’s not everyday you transition from the world of high fashion to become an expert in climate change and public policy.

Also not everyday that, when lining up your next job, NASA is one of the potential candidates... but Changemaker Nicole Loher has a direct line. She’s also considering the UN.  

Departing luxury fashion branding for environmentalism - specializing in climate change and public policy - might seem odd, but in some ways she was destined for it.

Nicole standing


Growing up on a farm, Nicole witnessed the declining climate impacting her own community; she remembers conversations about the shifting climate, and watching farmers struggling to adapt.

She also used to summer on the Eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, passing the time doing science experiments, and even then couldn’t believe all the plastic and pollution.

Just imagine how much worse it is now?

So after cutting her teeth in luxury branding and dabbling in AI, she decided to apply to Columbia. She got in.

Now she spends her days working through the Climate Change program at Columbia University, teaching as an adjunct professor at New York University, and consulting with Corporations about corporate social responsibility and helping them make sure their actions align with their goals.

Nicole running


“I found conversations and solutions around climate change were being presented in a way that was so lacklustre, and everything was diluted. People weren’t able to grasp it, and that’s a disservice to the conversations we need to have about climate.”

Combining her extensive communications and tech experience with her passion for the environment positions her perfectly to consult with executives wanting to understand (and do) better, and helping them to cultivate their messaging.

She also finds time to do triathlons; workouts help her to balance and maintain not just physical fitness, but mental health too.

As a Changemaker, she supports the Sierra Foundation - a non profit affiliated with the Sierra Club - which promotes climate solutions, conversation, and movement building through grassroots advocacy and philanthropy.

When school’s done, she’ll plot her next move, be it NASA, or the UN.  

“A lot of research comes out of NASA because they have the technology, but they have a huge underlying need for communications!”

Seems like a perfect fit.


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