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May 29, 2019 3 min read

Mums Who Run is a running group started by Tap ambassadors Sara and Kat for busy mums who just love to run! This weekend their team of 6 is taking on the Ragnar Niagara Ultra Challenge. Many teams will have 12 runners, butMums Who Run have decided to take on the challenge of running more distance. The group will cover around 300km between them, starting in Cobourg, Ontario and running through the night to end up in Niagara falls the following day. We chatted with the group to gain insight into each member’s running background and how they’re feeling headed into the race this weekend.

Why did you start running?

Kat:I joke that I started running because my sister was really into it and I thought she would like me more if I ran. ;) I started to run as a way to stay in shape and I quickly fell in love with every aspect of it. It’s my me time and as a mother of two young children, it's so important to carve that time out of my day for my own wellness. I also think it’s incredibly important to set a good example for my kids and show them how important it is to stay active and healthy.

Sara: I started running in university as a stress relief and to stay healthy. Since then it has become my therapy that I crave. It makes me a better mother to my 3 boys and a better teacher to my students. I think it’s important to be a role model and help others live a healthy active lifestyle.

Ali:I had just finished university and wanted a totally non academic challenge, so I signed up for my first marathon on the other side of the world (go big or go home right?!).

Lilly: To participate in a 5K race with my son’s soccer team and other parents

Kathryn: For fitness.

Julie:Be a positive role model for my kids and to get into shape.

How long have you been running?

Kat:I’ve been racing for over 10 years.

Sara:15 years.

Ali:13 Years.

Lilly: 6 years.

Kathryn: 20 years.

Julie:4 years.

Have you ever done Ragnar before? If so, how many times?

Kat:Yes! This will be my second time with Mums Who Run and my third Ragnar.

Sara:Yes, in 2017 we had another all female ultra team.

Ali:No!  So excited to give this a go!

Lilly: Never.

Kathryn: No.


What are you most looking forward to about the Ragnar weekend?

Kat:I’m looking forward to the challenge of running Ragnar as an ultra team and getting to spend some quality time with some truly amazing women.

Sara:The challenge! There’s something amazing about pushing your body and mind to places you didn’t think you could.

Ali:Races are usually an individual sport, these ladies on our team are amazing, I’m excited to experience this as a team.

Lilly: Sharing the challenge with great friends.

Kathryn: Finishing the race and spending time with my friends.

Julie:The challenge of running back to back legs and of course the camaraderie of friends!

What are your goals for the event?

Kat:My goals for Ragnar Niagara are definitely to have fun, to laugh a lot and to survive running 50km on little to no sleep.

Sara:To have fun with friends and beat our time from 2 years ago😉.

Ali:This will be my first event of this distance, so really just to soak it all up and finish with my teammates smiling.

Lilly: My goal is to run every leg mentally, emotionally and physically strong,  and not allow the lack of sleep to slow me down.

Kathryn: Just to finish.

Julie:Stay awake!  

Ragnar Niagara starts today and we knowMums Who Run will rise to the challenge and have a great time. They will be doing an Instagram takeover on our channel throughout the race, so be sure to follow along and wish them luck!