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February 28, 2019 3 min read

In part two of our Toronto Hustle feature we learn about funny race mishaps and how to fuel on the bike.

What is the funniest/weirdest thing that has ever happened to you before/during a race?

“Witnessing my teammate Anton Varabei forget his cycling shoes. Borrow a spectators pair that were several sizes too small.  End up in the winning break and take a top 10 result.”-Yuri Hrycaj

“I had a pedal untighten and jam sideways in a crank forcing me to pedal out a mountain top finish stage with one leg to make the time cut.”-Anton Varabei

“Yuri, Anton and I rode the break at Ossington crit in the rain.  Yuri had no brakes due to an earlier crash. Anton and I knew this and didn't follow his lines - everyone else just thought he was a terrible bike handler”. -Benoit Boulay

“Oh man. I got tangled up with Wout VanAert last year at Schall Sells. I had a very close call with bringing down a world champion before his season. Not funny at the time. Funny now.”-Sam Rosenholtz

“I once witnessed a water-bottle football throw/reception at a mountain bike race. After a feeder missed their rider they ended up having to throw it across the course and over several riders. I still cannot believe that the guy caught it.”-Noah Simms

“I started the crit at Tour of the Gila with the spectators and had to jump the fence with my bike and catch up.” -Kyle Boorsma

“When we used menthol spray to stay cool on a 95 plus degree day and then the race began on a downhill and we were shivering!”-Evan Murphy

Describe Your Typical Fuel Plan for a 150km race (when do you take fuel, what/when do you take fluids etc):

“The trick is to not wait until you're too tired to feed.  Taking a tap during the last 20 minutes won't do as much as during the first 20 minutes.”-Benoit Boulay

“Eat and drink every 30/40min.”-Sam Rosenholtz

“You want to arrive at the start line with adequate energy so same plan as TT and crit the night before (lots of carbs). During the race it's ~90g CHO / hr. That's about 1 bottle and 2 endurance tap every hour during the race. Feed when the pace eases off ;)” -Kyle Boorsma

What is 1 piece of advice you can offer from your experience with fuelling?

“Everyone is different so it’s really crucial to do what YOU need to perform well. Don’t compromise your performance to do what others do. Make sure to drink and eat lots, a race is not the time to be cutting.”-Kurt Penno

“You aren’t drinking enough. Ever. You need to replace what you’re losing to stay on the right side of performance/survival.”-Sam Rosenholtz

“Eat! Eat! Eat! If you’re feeling hungry then you are too late. You have done so much effort in training to prepare your body for an event... so don't sabotage your chances by not eating enough.”-Noah Simms

“Prepare yourself in advance for the flavor explosion, the taste never gets old.  Preemptively open the gels you plan on using in your race. Seal them back up and get ready to rock.  You can always pour them into a bottle of water prior to the race, if you’re not able to reach them during race situations.  Try stashing them in your arm/ leg sleeves if your pockets are full or you find these locations easier”.-Yuri Hrycaj

What tip can you share for how to use Tap on the bike?

“Crack the Caps before you start. It will make it easier to open on the fly!” -Noah Simms

“Once you get it right, it’s all you want in a race. At the end of a race... put it in your recovery shake. It’s the pro move”. -Sam Rosenholtz

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep an eye out for more features coming soon!

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